We are happy to announce our feature teacher of this week, Hannah Swanson.

Originally from Anchorage Alaska, Hannah was connected to dance from the very beginning. Her early exposure & association with dance started at a young age when she helped her mother run a dance studio by aiding classes and helping with the paperwork. She followed her interest in dance through high school and decided to train in Ballet and Modern at Western Oregon University, a small liberal arts school outside of Salem. Here she was chosen to travel and perform with a guest artist for 3 years at American College Dance Festival. Meanwhile, she also taught hip hop, creative movement and tap at a local studio in Salem for 2 years. Her decision to move base to New York was driven by an opportunity provided by Dancewave, where she now teaches Hip Hop to ages 7-9 and Creative Ballet to ages 3-4.

Hip Hop Basics is an introductory class. Students will learn basic steps and rhythms to popular music. This energetic and engaging class is a great way to increase confidence and strength while dancing. Whereas Creative Ballet is a beginning level class where dancers are introduced to ballet positions and techniques that will build a strong foundation for years to come. Learn more about Dancewave Classes here >>

Hannah recently taught at the Dancewave Summer Camps and will be teaching again in the upcoming Fall Semester.