School is finally out, and summer is in full swing. For school students, that means vacation! But for Dancewave students, summer means summer training; and for some of our D-Wave in Motion students, that means joining the Dancewave family. Dancewave offers a wide variety of summer programs, for the first-time dancer to the pre-professional in training — each with an opportunity for scholarship. This year, for the first time ever, Dancewave brought their scholarship auditions to D-Wave in Motion schools, providing full-ride & partial scholarships to select students to participate in Dancewave summer programs.

D-Wave in Motion is Dancewave’s arts education outreach program, providing public school students with a free opportunity to experience the joy of movement and dance. During the 2015-2016 school year, D-Wave in Motion kicked off their Master Class Tour, bringing a variety of different movement styles, teaching artists, and choreography to students. Through African Dance, Hip Hop, Traditional Chinese Folk Dance, and more, high school and middle school students learn what it means to move their bodies and find expression. At the close of the Master Class Tour, D-Wave in Motion brought Dancewave’s Scholarship Initiative to the schools served throughout the school year. We are excited to announce that at least $5000 in scholarship has been awarded to D-Wave students, three of whom received full-ride scholarships to Dancewave summer programs. Dancewave’s final Scholarship Audition will be held July 16, 2016 at Dancewave, 1pm.

Dancewave’s Scholarship Initiative, in tandem with D-Wave in Motion and the School at Dancewave, ensures that all students — regardless of socioeconomic status — have access to high-quality dance education and mentorship. The Scholarship Initiative is supported by donations and public & private grants, and we graciously thank our supporters for making it possible to make waves through dance education.

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