This week, we are happy to feature Vanessa Vargas who will be teaching Contemporary dance to our adult students this Fall, starting September 1, 2015! Contemporary utilizes modern dance principles and contemporary dance techniques as an expressive vehicle. With the language of contemporary dance as a meeting point, students will strive to improve their technical grounding; allowing them to develop their movement, improvisation and choreographic skills while also developing their creative abilities and body as a tool for communication.

Vanessa teaching adult contemporary at Dancewave 182


Originally from Venezuela, as a teenager, Vanessa started her career as a contemporary dancer and developed her professional skills at the Fundación Escuela de Danza de Caracas, led by Yuri Cavalieri and José Ledezma –the contemporary dance pioneer in Venezuela, who studied under the tutelage of Merce Cunningham in New York City in the 60’s. She’s currently living in New York City, working on her own artistic projects, sharing her experience as a Teaching Artist at Dancewave and performing at several art shows, including 2014 Lygia Clark’s exhibition, 2014 James Lee Byars’ performance sessions and 2015 Yoko Ono’s art show, all of them at MoMa. Vanessa, will be performing at the The 15th DUMBO Dance Festival October 8-11, 2015, in Brooklyn, as a part of the Rastro Dance Company cast. She will also be performing at the exhibition Transmissions: Art in Eastern Europe and Latin America, 1960–1980 at The Museum of Modern Art.

“Since I arrived to new York City, Dance Wave has been my place to share my experience as a dancer, but also an amazing place to create and learn. Dance Wave is a warm creative/stimulating environment where everybody is welcome.” – Vanessa Vargas

Dancewave has a brand new program for our adult class offering for Fall 2015.

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